Viewing current/finished campaigns

All campaigns ever created can be viewed in the list. To view relevant campaigns, you can use the search, sort and filter tools at the top of the page (1). To create a campaign, click the Create Campaign button (2) (more details in section 7 below).



a. Filter

You can filter the results to only show campaigns based on either their Status, Layout or Workflow. Different statuses are color coded.

Click the slider to select a category on which to filter. Selected categories will be shown in red.

All categories in the column can be cleared by clicking “Reset” (3).



b. Sort by …

The campaigns are by default grouped by date however it is possible to sort them by a number of things :

  • Date
  • Status
  • Type



c. Search by name

Type the name of the campaign you wish to view and hit “Enter” or click on the magnifying glass. It is possible to search on a partial word.



d. Page navigator

Use the left arrow to go back a page and the right arrow to go forward a page. Alternatively, if you click on the page number, the desired page can be selected from the drop down list.



e. Viewing existing campaigns

For In-App messages, a short report is provided per campaign showing :

  • Date range: when the campaign started and when it is scheduled to finish
  • User reach: number of potential users that could view the message
  • Views: number of users who have actually viewed the message
  • App: which app the campaign was created for

Hover over the campaign icon on the left (1) to see its status and layout. Click on the campaign name or the stats button for a more detailed report (2).



Note :

Push messages are sent only to users who have accepted to receive push notifications. In-App messages are displayed to ALL targeted users as soon as they launch the app during the campaign.

Click on the ellipsis in the top right corner of the campaign to end or duplicate it.



f. Detailed campaign report

This page again shows how many users were targeted and what percentage of those viewed the message. It also shows an example of the message. You can click on Overview or Definition to browse the tabs (1). You can also click on the gear to end or duplicate the campaign (2).



Overview tab :

Overall stats are given of how many users were targeted and how many (as well as percentage) of the users viewed the message.

You can also see a graph of views over time. Hover over the graph (1) to see exactly how many users viewed the message at specific times.

The time period can be changed by clicking on the time selector in the top right corner (2).



Definition tab :

Here we again see the details of the campaign. It tells us the target audience (filters used if any), the campaign name and the start and end dates.