In this section, you can create specific segments of your user base in order to analyse their behavior.

This means you can get specific insights about groups of people of interest which in turn helps you to better communicate with them.

(1) Select your application
(2) Create a new segment
(3) Saved segments



Create New Segment

Choose your filter type and input all the relevant information to capture the segment you require. For more information, please refer to the Interesting Filters & Frequent Use Cases document.

(1) Define your segment
(2) Add as many filters as required to define your population
(3) See the number of users in the segment
(4) See the users in the segment as a percentage of the global population
(5) See the percentage of opt-in users within the segment



Details :

See the behavior of the users segmented through these metrics.

(1) At the top of the screen, you can see the summary of the size of the segment, the same as in the “Definition” section.
(2) The graph represents the evolution of the segment size over 60 days. You can hover over it with the cursor to see how many people and what percentage this made up of the global population on any specific day within this period.

Line Graph – DAU :

(3) Average percentage of the segment using the app daily
(4) Red – evolution of the DAU of the segment (percentage). Hover to highlight the number of
active users on a specific day and the percentage of the segment represented.
(5) Grey – evolution of the DAU of all users (difficult to see in this graph as it is almost the same as
the red)

Bar Charts – Sessions and Key Events

(6) Average sessions per week
(7) Average sessions this week compared to last week
(8) Key Event usage this week compared to last week