Attribution Analytics

This section is only relevant to those who have subscribed to the Attribution package.

In order to correctly set it up, one must first set up their campaigns in their external attribution tracking tool (whether that be Tune, Appsflyer, Adjust or any other tool). FollowAnalytics, in combination with these tools will help to track all installs and user behavior over different acquisition channels.

The goal of Attribution Analytics is to help you optimise your media plan by analysing user behavior.

You can select which of your apps is displayed from the dropdown menu in the top right. (1)



a. Campaign Picker

The data from the acquisition channels is grouped per campaign. You can select which campaign is to be analysed from the dropdown menu.

The total number of installs across all channels and the date range of the campaign are displayed beside the dropdown.
Note, if you do not want them to be grouped, they will all be displayed at the same time. For more information, contact your CSM.


b. App Installs

App Installs displays the performance of each acquisition channel according to the selected campaign.

3 date ranges are available (the last 7 days, the last 30 days and everyday since the beginning of the campaign).



Note, in order to generate statistics and graphs that are relevant for analysis, it is important that the related campaigns in your tracking tool are from the same time period. It will not make sense for analysis if you pull campaigns that were run throughout different periods of the year.

The Organic Install switch will show or hide the organic installs (1) (installs from the store which are not tracked).

For each channel, you will find :

Left column
• Number of installs from the acquisition channel for the selected period
• The percentage of active users after a week or a month (depending on selected time period)


• Number of installs over time
• The share of installs via each channel over time



c. Performance Indicators

The aim of this section is to analyse the behavior of the acquired users. It highlights KPIs for each acquisition channel, looking at the installs of each source. Alternatively, it analyses Key Events triggered by the acquired users over a selected date range.

It is important to understand that the purpose of the App Install panel is to analyse how the user is acquired whereas the purpose of the Performance Indicator panel is to analyse their behavior once they are in the app. The former is best analysed during the campaign and the latter, after.

The KPIs include :

• The total number of installs for each acquisition channel over the whole period of the campaign (no matter what time period is selected)
• The average session duration over the selected period
• The average DAU and MAU over the selected period



On the Key Events screen, click the dropdown menu to select an acquisition channel (source). For each acquisition channel, over the selected period, the following information is provided :

• The Key Events triggered by the acquired users
• The number of Events per user
• The percentage of sessions in which the event has been triggered
• The percentage of users who triggered the event

Clicking on the “+” button to expand, it displays the total number of each metric and the difference in percentage between the acquisition channel metrics vs Organic.

Again, clicking the Export button in the top right will export the data to CSV.