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This year was a whirlwind of growth and activity for FollowAnalytics. As an entrepreneur, I have experienced the most amazing and rich journey.

I wanted to take a minute, before we get too far into the New Year, to thank you for supporting the company and give an update on our progress. It’s been an honor to work with you and I’m so grateful for what we have been able to achieve.

  • Grown our business 2,500% through a “land and expand” strategy over the last 24 months.
  • Working with 43 amazing enterprise-class Fortune 2000 customers.
  • Closed a $10M A round.
  • Expanded our offices and doubled the size of our team.
  • Established key partnerships with agencies and consulting firms and major software leaders, both in the US and Europe.

As you know, it’s been really hard work for all of us and the mobile engagement market for enterprise companies is just forming. But, we’ve been fortunate to be the newest mobile marketing “kid on the block”, giving us the opportunity to build a product, from the very beginning, specifically for the needs of marketers (and not IT).

Most of the competition has been around for more than 5 years, focused on digital or mobile-first companies. Their architectures are not yet designed for enterprises who need to natively connect to CRMs and systems of record like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. Morevoer, their strategy to replace existing email and web analytics doesn’t work for enterprise companies who want to extend and augment them. That’s where we differentiate and will win as the market matures.

Thinking back on the journey to get here, I am so appreciative of my wife and two children who disrupted their lives to pursue my dream, when moving to the USA with a 9-hour difference from France! So, it’s been great to see the opportunity that I saw, validated by Forrester Research this year, calling out mobile engagement as a new category and critical piece of the marketing stack. Additionally, VentureBeat analysts have recognized us numerous times as a leader in Enterprise Mobile Engagement in a $100B addressable market. And to top it off, we won the 2015 Demo Traction award this year for having the best product.

It’s certainly been a journey of growth and learning. We launched in the US in an incubator space in Levi’s Plaza with 8 other companies and I was alone for many months before getting the amazing opportunity to hire Gail Ennis, our first US fan! That helped me establish the activity in the US and build the team. It was eye opening to learn from other leading startups who were operating there; listening to their value propositions, understanding their challenges and celebrating their wins, all while battling daily for conference room space. It was a great launchpad for us.

Later on, Abdel Kander joined in France to handle Europe’s amazing growth that started in France and is now expanding to other EU countries. I finally was able to stop travelling every 2 or 3 weeks in France to meet the team, customers and partners.

Now we’re in very cool (but still modest) new offices in the iconic Hearst Building in downtown San Francisco, and in the historic 2nd Arrondissement in Paris close to the Opera Plaza. So the team is delighted and glad to no longer be bursting at the seams or fighting for quiet space. But most importantly, we are fired up and ready to build on the milestones of the last 24 months as we continue to hire great talent and deliver on an exciting product roadmap.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best in the coming year.