Facing COVID 19, FollowAnalytics adapts and signs deals to help retailers keep the lights on

The current economic environment is unprecedented. Companies, and specifically retailers, media, entertainment companies, have two choices, stop or adapt. In a confined world, strengthening digital capacity to continue offering products and services without human contact can save businesses.  As much of the world remains “sheltered in place,” many companies are accelerating their decision to increase investment in digital. Specifically make a larger investment to enable their mobile commerce to expand from their websites to highly targeted mobile applications. 

FollowAnalytics’s “raison d’être”

FollowAnalytics’s “raison d’être” is to generate native mobile applications (iOS and Android) from a given website and provide a full marketing platform to increase customer engagement. New “no-code” applications can be created in hours and these new commerce mobile apps carry native mobile capabilities (such as Touch ID, Siri, Push Notifications, video chat, …). It can be placed against their “retail stores” in less than 2 to 4 weeks. Moreover when applications already exist, these new applications are replacing existing, aging and costly-to-maintain (previously developed by mobile agencies). The new applications are integrated into commerce vendor products, such as the Salesforce Commerce Cloud web site, and kept up to date and in sync automatically.

The FollowAnalytics’ strengths

FollowAnalytics platform allows retailers to go beyond building applications. It analyzes user behavior to allow retailers to better engage with their customers. Moreover, it uses machine learning to predict cross application conversions thanks to the optimal time to deliver the campaigns, and segment with smarter messaging. The new solution will enable a single shared E-commerce. Furthemore the mobile apps cart with the highest standard of security (ISO 27001 and GDPR-certified).
Over the past quarter, FollowAnalytics grew 226% year over year and Covid-19 is only accelerating their need.  A good example in retail is Micromania. Even in the uncertainty of our current world, they were able to make an investment decision to enable their mobile commerce and provide to their confined customers Micromania’s entire catalog at their fingertips. 
The new iOS and Android native apps will replace the existing aging and costly-to-maintain apps developed by their mobile agency and will be based on the newly generated Micromania’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud web site. The apps will also automatically be kept up to date and in sync with the web site.
In conclusion, their goal is to deploy a more robust, stable and performing app. In offering a full convergence between web and mobile and enable seamlessly Micromania’s cross canal commerce strategy. The new solution will enable a single shared E-commerce and the mobile apps cart enabling true multi-canal font ends.