MobileBeat 2016 was held in San Francisco last week. Sponsored by VentureBeat, the two-day event brought industry leaders together to talk about how AI and mobile bots will transform the app ecosystem. If you missed it, no worries. We’ve rounded up the best coverage of MobileBeat 2016, below.

Are Chatbots the Fifth Wave of Internet Communications?
Hannu Verkasalo of Verto Analytics explores the history of internet communications and how chat bots fit in as a “radically incremental new service concept.”

The Beat on Bots: Human Answers to Bot Questions from MobileBeat 2016
The team at Careerlink, an HR bot that sits on top of Slack, provides solid feedback on whether bots will replace apps, if they’re here to stay and what we can expect from their future.

6 big takeaways from MobileBeat 2016 so far
In a guest post for VentureBeat, John Brandon, discusses chat bot adoption, WholeFoods’ strong proof of concept, challenges around localization and how Google will be a major player in the future of mobile bots.

BotBeat: This week’s top bot stories
In VentureBeat’s weekly bot newsletter, Blaise Zerega gives his synopsis of the show, including take-aways from speakers and a chat with Redfoo of LMFAO who boasts his very own chat bot.

How a 15 year old won the first international botathon
MobileBeat was preceded by a two-day bot hackathon (or botathon, if you will), in which about 250 bot enthusiasts participated from around the globe. Find out why a 15-year-old won and how he’s using AI to change the future of education.

5 things you missed from MobileBeat 2016
From Robots & Pencils how big brands are embracing bots, why Slack makes prototyping easy, Alexa’s speech recognition and how travel bots are taking off.

Photo credit: VentureBeat