Welcome to our first FollowAnalytics’ Mobile Marketing Wrap-Up, where we look at some of the most interesting content across the web and bring you the best parts. This week, the importance of the connected cross-channel experience was a major theme, as was mobile adoption, especially in retail shopping.
First up, B2C brings us Simply the Best: 6 Great Mobile Marketing Campaigns with examples from Nivea, Hyundai, X Games, Pepsi, Anzac and Cornetto. We loved reading how Nivea created “mobile moments” in Rio de Janeiro that boosted regional sales 62% this summer. By offering beach-bound parents free child locator bracelets (which could be torn out of print ads!), the company showed they care both about kids’ skin and their safety. Not only was the campaign creative, but it provided additional value to their customers – and boosted Rio into Nivea’s top selling sector for the first time.
Continuing with the theme of omnichannel mobile campaigns, check out 4 Ways to Make Push Notifications Part of the Integrated Experience by Direct Marketing. When 50% of mobile users opt out of push notifications within 24 hours of downloading an app, push must be approached thoughtfully. Among their tips, they urge marketers to tell an end-to-end story. The connected experience is critical!
Speaking of connected experiences, Why Apple Watch Rings the Death Knell of the ‘Mobile’ Marketing Channel by Marketing Profs is a great little read. The title is somewhat deceiving as the article is not so much about the Apple Watch itself, as the fact that wearables and mobile devices blur the lines between in-store, outdoor and online touches, demanding that marketers think through the entire customer journey. Brands who approach each channel as isolated silos are doomed to fail.
For retail brands still struggling with whether to invest in mobile, it’s time to get off the fence. Mobile Marketing Watch and DirectBuy supplied this telling Infographic: How and Why Shopping is Moving to the Smartphone. 82% of smartphone users (166.2 M people) have shopped with their devices this year, and 81% have used a phone or tablet to research an online purchase. Can your company afford to be anything but mobile-first?
Finally, USA Today told us How to tell if you’re a ‘mobile addict’, stating that anyone using apps more than 60x daily qualifies. Holy Clickbait, Batman! Nobody calls you an addict for using other tools like your car or toothbrush habitually. However, the article goes on with more staggering stats on mobile adoption, clearly underscoring the need for marketers to prioritize their mobile marketing strategies in the coming year.
Have you thought about how you will approach mobile as part of your integrated, omnichannel 2016 marketing strategy? Read The Problem with Push for some ideas on how to get started.